Country Lore: Ideas for Reusing Junk Mail, Candle Wax and More

Read advice from readers on ways to reuse and recycle junk mail into seed starters, how to turn old candle wax into elegant wax seals for your letters, and the natural healing powers of fennel and pennyroyal, plus more.

| December 1991/January 1992


This reader recommends a cheap, easy way to keep your windshield cleaner than ever.


Baby Talk: Reusing Baby Formula Cans

The trouble with most baby formula cans is that you never use all of the formula in one meal, and the cans don't come with a plastic cap to preserve the remainder of the contents. Well, in my travels I have discovered a few. Both Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and Frito-Lay dip containers have removable tops that fit these formula cans very well.

 So after you've polished off the chocolate milk or dived into the dip for the last time, save those lids. You never know what they will fit next.

Susan Dawson  

Richmond, Virginia 

New Life for Candle Wax Stubs

Even though it may look as if there’s nothing left to be done with those old candle stubs, they still have plenty of life in them. Melt a few drops of wax at the end of the stub and use it to seal an envelope that has lost its stick. Melted wax makes a fine adhesive for almost any paper surface, and the old-fashioned seal looks great. You can also throw stubs in with your kindling to use as fire starters. Finally, drawers will stick less and slide much easier when you rub candle wax on the metal runners inside them. 

Sheila Carpenter 

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