Midget White and Bourbon Red Turkeys are Better!

You may be surprised by the winners of this recent taste test.

midget white turkeys

Midget white turkeys may be the best breed for a small homestead.


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Plan ahead! If you order some poults (baby turkeys) now, or place an order for next season, you can raise your own flavorful Thanksgiving dinner. A recent taste test involving about 70 people and nine breeds of turkeys showed that heritage breeds taste better. The overall winner was the midget white turkey, and the runner up was the bourbon red. (The industrial Butterball came in last.)

For details of the taste test, read How Eight Heritage Turkeys Kicked a Butterball’s Butt.

The midget white turkey has a remarkable history. It was rescued when there were only six birds left. Read more about A History of the Midget White Turkey and 

Why the Midget White Turkey is the Perfect Homestead Turkey from the man who helped develop the breed.

To view photos of several breeds of heritage turkeys, click here.

You can learn more about other rare and endangered breeds of poultry on these Web sites:

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These farms and hatcheries may have rare midget white poults (chicks) available for sale by mail order:

Murray McMurray Hatchery

Sand Hill Preservation Center

Stromberg’s Chicks & Gamebirds Unlimited

Welp, Inc.

X-treme Game Birds and Poultry