Raising Chickens at Home

A comprehensive guide like this one to purchasing, growing, feeding, and housing chicken is a good thing to have if you've decided to try raising chickens at home.

Chicken feeders
Three types of chicken feeders. (1) Low, flat feeder used for starting chicks. This may be constructed at any length, yet enough space must be provided so that all chicks may eat at once. (2) When chicks are four weeks old this type of feeder may be used. Not the revolving center piece over the feeder. This will keep the chicks out of the feeder. (3) A double-decked feeder is ideal when the grain-mash method of feeding is used. Mash should be placed in the upper feeder, with grain in the lower. Each mature chicken should have at least six inches of feeder space, and the feeder can be built to any size with this thought in mind.