Ragweed Wineberry Stir Fry

| 8/14/2012 1:06:46 PM

Tags: tomatoes, seed saving, ragweed, wineberry, stir fry, potato onion, taste test, man working, man eating at table, Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton,
pulling up ragweed and wineberry plants along with images of tomato seed saving and stir fry close up

It's the time of year when we get focused in on tomatoes. Drying, boiling, freezing, slicing, and seed saving.

We finally got a chance to taste test the new potato onions in a delicious stir fry.

I learned recently that late spring is the best time to eradicate ragweed instead of mid summer.

Wineberries are extremely yummy but they produce so little fruit we decided to delete our patch.

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton blog about their homesteading days over at WaldenEffect.org and they make and sell a new kind of chicken waterer that puts the fun back in your back yard flock.

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