Source Extra Kitchen Scraps for Backyard Flocks

Feeding chickens laying pellets during winter is one option, but kitchen scraps are free and often provide a more well-rounded diet.

kitchen scraps

Residential and commercial kitchen scraps go to waste around the country every day; why not source a few buckets for your backyard flock?

Photo by radcacrossley/Fotolia

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We prefer not to feed laying pellets to our free-range chicken flock when forage is scarce during winter because we’ve noticed they lay better when they eat fresh produce scraps. My husband collects two 5-gallon buckets of fresh kitchen scraps from the local intermediate school every day to give our little ladies.

The school feeds more people daily than any restaurant around here. Plus, it has been serving more healthy foods lately, so the remaining scraps are a great choice for feeding chickens.

Pomaria, South Carolina