Pink Eye in our Calves and Cows this Summer

| 8/27/2013 11:29:00 AM

Tags: animal husbandry, farm skills, pink eye, Faith Schlabach, Virginia,

pink eyeWe have never had Pink Eye in our Cows before this year.  If we ever have a summer like this again, I will be much more prepared on how to prevent pink eye in our cows and calves and in treating pink eye naturally.  Apparently, all the rain has had something to do with it according to our vet.  It may be the humidity in combination with the prolific swarms of flies that we have had to deal with this year.

Our first case was Molly, who was our Jersey heifer #7, and is quietly aspiring to be a family milk cow someday.  She tests A2/A2, which means she does not carry the A1 mutation that has strong links to several health issues including heart disease, diabetes, and neurological issues and to which I myself react.

Had I known then, what I know now, the outcome for the summer may have been different.  She developed an eye that looked like a white marble and was blind for a while in that eye.  Thankfully, her sight has come back now that it has healed.  At the time, I put her in a dark stall for protection so that the light would hopefully not damage her cornea while in such a sensitive state as this can cause blindness.

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