This Feeder Is Too Slick for Squirrels

A plastic pole, a small platform and a little bit of time are all you need to effectively make your bird feeder a “no squirrels allowed” zone.

| October/November 2011

Squirrel Proof Feeder

Squirrels inviting themselves to the banquet at your bird feeder? Reader Vincent Dassatti of Bennington, Vt., had the same trouble — until he devised this superb squirrel-proof setup.


About 10 years ago, I came up with a simple and inexpensive solution to keep squirrels off of my bird feeder. I purchased an 8-foot length of 6-inch plastic pipe and set it in the ground as far as I could easily dig with a posthole digger (15 to 18 inches). I cut the top to a height I could easily reach (about 6 feet for me), and then I built an 18-by-18-inch platform out of pieces of wood left over from a decking project.

I mounted my traditional feeder to the platform, then mounted the platform to the top of the pole, with three brackets attached to the sides of the pole and to the bottom of the base. I hung a tube feeder from each corner of the base.

Squirrels can’t grip the plastic pole because of its width and slickness, so they can’t climb it. Oh, they tried — and it was hilarious watching them slide down in frustration! One note: Don’t set this feeder near a tree or bush, or squirrels will climb up on it and jump to the feeder.

Vincent Dassatti
Bennington, Vermont

victoira kromer
11/23/2011 1:39:00 PM

Thanks for the great idea, will give it a try. But we shouldnt forget to feed the poor squirrels too....

victoira kromer
11/23/2011 1:38:13 PM

Thanks for the great idea, will give it a try too. But we really shouldn forget the poor squirrels!

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