Off-Grid and Free: Pioneer? Really??

| 6/24/2016 9:40:00 AM

Tags: remote living, off grid living, wilderness, Ron Melchiore, Saskatchewan, Canada,

Pioneer? For anybody who has reviewed my biography, my claim to be a “pioneer” may be a head-scratcher. The term conjures up the mental image of Johanna sitting next to me in the covered wagon, me holding the reins of a team of horses as I yell giddy up, clippety-clopping our way to our remote lake with everything we own in the back of the wagon to settle the promised land. Not quite.

We've already established from an earlier post that there are no roads to get here, so any wheeled conveyance, covered wagon or otherwise, was not an option.

We believe destiny brought us to our location. While searching for a suitable spot for our new homestead, we were flying around in a float plane scouting various potential lakes when I caught a glimpse of a sandy beach that we were passing over. From the co-pilots seat, I immediately asked the pilot to circle around for a second look.

Not only did we take a second look, but we landed on the lake, slowly drifted up to the shore, and as we departed the plane and took a short jump off the pontoon onto the beach, we immediately knew this was going to be home. A chance sighting of a lake we just happened to be flying over and the search was over.

Clearing the land

Clearing the land

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