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New Chick on the Block

CluckFood conscious city dwellers are cropping up all across the country. Health conscious country folks are raising more and more food at home. People are flocking to the idea of raising chickens in rural and urban settings across the country. It’s getting so popular that in Los Angeles a monthly tweet-up is organized for like-minded chicken fans to get together to talk bird. Hundreds of people came out recently in Atlanta for the annual Urban Chicken Coop Tour. An urban chicken consultant in Chicago can teach you how to raise these feathered friends. And ordinances are being changed nationwide to allow chickens in city limits from Missouri to Vermont.

In response to the growing demand for chicken coops the Front Yard Coop (FYC) has created the first solar powered, self-propelled henhouse that merges green technology, sustainable agriculture, natural food, and good old-fashioned Yankee ingenuity.

"Chickens don't need a lot of maintenance," said Nancy Zander of the Front Yard Coop. “But they do need a safe haven from predators and a place to lay their eggs.” The Zanders became so dedicated to their hobby of raising hens that Peter, Nancy's husband, tried his hand at designing the ideal chicken coop. He aimed for something "aesthetically pleasing and environmentally forward -- the ultimate in turnkey startup."

The deluxe “Full Monty” Chicken Coop offers both a solar powered electric fence and a motor that slowly propels it back and forth across the yard. This unique feature turns a 4 x 8 foot pen into a limitless free ranging space for birds. It stores power from a solar cell in a marine deep-charge battery and inches along the yard at a safe and subtle 16 feet per hour. When it bumps into something, the circuit board reverses the chicken coop’s direction. This distributes the flock’s impact on the lawn and spreads its beneficial manure, and constantly gives the birds what they want-- fresh forage.

The “Usual Suspects” Chicken Coop includes the solar powered electric fence that can be activated to repel invaders with a persuasive shock that keeps them from harming the chickens.  It also gives home flock owners more freedom by eliminating the need to be home before dark.  Turn on the fence, and nighttime predators are no longer a worry.  The Usual Suspects can be rented for two weeks with two chickens for a practice run before deciding to purchase. 

The basic “California Suite” is a beautifully designed chicken coop small flock of chickens, light weight enough to be easily picked up and moved with ease.   An automatic food and water system can be added with the “Babette’s Feast” model. Sized for a flock of up to six standard size birds, the FYC is made of a welded aluminum frame covered in painted bead board siding. It is weatherproof, sturdy, and easily moved.

About Front Yard Coop 

Front Yard Coop debuted their coops at the Boston Local Food Show in 2010. FYC was created by Peter and Nancy Zander to provide chickens with a safe and healthy home that was also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally forward-thinking. Each of the five coop designs are the result of years of experience raising chickens.  For more information go to, call 914-245-0321 or email

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