Medical Self-Care: Emmett Miller's Medical Self-Help Tapes

Conversation with Emmett Miller about his medical self-help tapes.

| July/August 1982

Medical self-help tapes

The premise of these self-help medical tapes is to guide the person into a specific five-stage thought process that helps promote behavior change.


A conversation with Emmett Miller about his medical self-help tapes that help promote behavior change. 

Medical Self-Care: Emmett Miller's Medical Self-Help Tapes

This issue's column is an edited version of a discussion I had recently with Dr. Emmett Miller. Emmett's a tall, graceful man with a ready laugh and a soothing voice. But those aren't the only reasons, as you'll soon realize when you read his practical advice, why Dr. Miller's series of self-care cassette recordings is so popular, or why his practice in Menlo Park, California—where he specializes in psychosomatic medicine, hypnotherapy, performance optimization, and stress management—is so busy. 

Dr. Miller, how can people use cassette tapes as self-care tools? 

Oh, there are several ways. Relaxation tapes of various kinds, for example, can be very effective in reducing stress levels. But I've found an even more profound way to use cassettes as aids in making long-term, self-directed changes in health habits.

Could they, for instance, help an individual stop smoking?  

Sure . . . or control his or her temper, or eat more sensibly, or correct any number of other undesirable behavior patterns.

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