The Astonishing Colors of Rainbow Indian Corn

| 1/23/2013 1:56:00 PM

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The video slideshow below reveals the sacred magic contained in the Native American corn that sustained many Indian tribes for thousands of years before professional plant breeders turned it into an industrial feedstock. The lustrous, jewel-like colors of the Indian corns shown in the slideshow were selected by Greg Schoen and Jose Lucero, from ‘Carl’s Glass Gems’ flint corn, developed by Native American corn expert Carl Barnes.

The story of this fascinating open-pollinated heirloom corn is one of chance encounters, determined experimentation and, ultimately, the preservation of a nearly lost heritage. Read more in Greg Schoen’s article, “The Origins and Journey of ‘Carl’s Glass Gems’ Rainbow Corn.”


The seed supply for this corn is currently very limited. 'Carl's Glass Gems' seed is now available from Native Seeds/SEARCH. In addition, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is also growing this rainbow Indian corn and hopes to offer it in an upcoming catalog. 

beautiful corn

Beautiful Corn by Anthony Boutard

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