The Basics of Home Repairs

Learn a few tricks for painting, carpentry, masonry and plumbing repairs that you can perform around your own home.

A Good Layout for a Home Workshop1.) Bench for light work.2.) Bench for heavy work — sheet iron protects top.3.) Electric outlets and switches.4.) Small tool rack made from two converging laths, spaced 1-1/2 in. apart at one end and 1/2 in. at the other.5.) Rack for heavy tools.6.) Screw-topped jars for nuts and bolts.7.) Shelf for painting materials.8). Trolley for light — clothespin adjusts cord length.9.) Drawer for small parts.10.) Three grease pumps: one for universal joints, one for water pump, one for chassis bearings.11.) Lubrication equipment.12.) Five or ten-gallon oil drum on stand.13.) Gasoline and kerosene, kept in different shaped cans to prevent error.14.) Wooden platform protects feet from cold.15.) Stop for front wheels of car.16.) Ramps on which front or rear wheels can be run to facilitate greasing, etc.17.) Shelf for washing and cleaning materials.18.) Rubbish box.19.) Inspection lamps.20.) Storage in rafters for timber, fires, etc.