Home and Garden Winter Preparation Checklist

Get your home, lawn and garden ready for the onset of the cold months with this checklist of fall chores.

| September/October 1990

Rake and Autumn Leaves

Compost your autumn leaves; to speed decomposition, add a layer of lime or organic lawn fertilizer and keep moist.


Lawn Care: Continue mowing and watering new grass; lawn should be short as winter begins; rake lawn regularly or leaves will mat and smother the grass.

Compost Leaves: Add a layer of lime or organic lawn fertilizer to hasten decomposition; keep moist.

Clean up perennial beds. Remove spent annuals and compost them.

Lift tender summer bulbs—including tuberous begonias, caladiums, cannas, dahlias, gladiolus and tritoma—after the first frost. Dust with sulfur and store in vermiculite in a cool cellar.

Update your records of planting and harvesting dates. List gaps in planting, favorite varieties, quantities and qualities of harvests. Make a crop rotation plan for planting next year.

Prepare soil in flower and vegetable gardens for spring planting.

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