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Why Do You Value Your Heritage Breed Livestock?

By Alison Rogers

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Heritage Breed Livestock

What type of heritage breed livestock would you recommend to other readers, and what makes it so special?

Heritage breeds, also known as traditional livestock breeds, are those which are threatened due to the changing nature of conventional agriculture (learn more at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy website). Angus cattle are raised en masse for their qualities attractive to large scale meat producers. Holsteins are the cow of choice for industrial dairy operations. But there is a broad spectrum of livestock breeds out there that represent the critical biodiversity of animal agriculture in general. Heritage breeds are a piece of history, after all, and many are in grave danger of dying out, despite their long list of admirable qualities and adaptability to the small farm and homestead setting.

We’ve discussed the benefits of raising heritage breeds many a time (Why You Should Care About Heritage Breeds, Saving Heritage Breeds, Homesteading with Heritage Breeds), but we’d like to hear from you. Why do you so value your heritage animals?