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Goats: Getting Ready for Goat School!


Twice a year, every year we find ourselves at Stony Knolls Farm, in the palefaceatgoatschoolsame predicament! Goat School is sneaking up on us really fast; the weather as usual is less than cooperative, and time is just flying by!  

Cooking to be done, goats to get dolled up, the baby pigs need to be moved out of the barn, the grounds need more raking, more mowing, more weeding, more weed wacking and only half of the garden is in so far (darned weather!) and on and on. 

All of the food that can be prepared ahead of time is ready and waiting in lasagnathe freezer for the important days, except for dessert. My favorite dish to make but I can’t decide which ones to do!  

Speaking of food, we do an amazing and interesting buffet for both days of Goat School.  Every dish has goat cheese, goat milk, or goat meat in it! For many folks, it is the first time they have ever had some of these items, so they really have fun!  Herb chevre stuffed chicken breasts always hits a home run along with lasagna made with goat saladsricotta or a vegetarian mushroom and spinach lasagna made with three different goat cheeses. We have many people tell us that they want to come back to Goat School just for the food! 

For myself, my favorite part of Goat School is getting to meet new friends! For this next session we will enjoy meeting folks from Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and North Carolina, just to name a few of the states. This is so much fun! Most of these folks have never been to the east coast let alone Maine, so they not only absorb all that Goat School has to offer, but, what our beautiful state has to offer as well. They don’t call Maine “Vacationland” for nothing! 

We are also truly blessed to have one of the best guest speakers ever! Andrew Beals from Poulin Grain in Vermont is an animal nutritionist. He Andrewworks with everyone so that they understand how their hay proteins and grain proteins need to work together to produce healthy, strong, animals. 

This Goat School we’ll also be featuring a soon to be released new product that we are really excited about. Carefree Enzymes new udder wipes. We were supplied with some test samples of these gems, and loved them! I can’t wait until they hit the market so we can use them on a regular basis. And, of course, what makes them even neater is the fact that our Xable the Sable’s butt will be on the label. 

If you are reading this and would like to come to Goat School on June 2nd and 3rd, send me an email and we can make arrangements! We have room in Goat School and a few spots in the Soap and Cheese making class on June 4th!  

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