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ECHO Bear Cat Announces a New Log Splitter

ECHO Bear Cat Log Splitter
ECHO Bear Cat
is thrilled to reveal the addition of the new 27 Ton Log Splitter to its line of outdoor power equipment. The LS27 Log Splitter is offered worldwide though authorized ECHO Bear Cat dealerships. The LS27 Log Splitter is replacing the LS27270 and LS27270T models. The LS27270 model has been available in the OPE market since 2007 and the LS27270T since 2008.

“At ECHO Bear Cat, we are always looking for new ways to enhance and improve our machines,” said Dale Winkelman, Director of ECHO Bear Cat. “The LS27 comes with all the latest features.”

The new model offers a range of options and kits to custom design machines to fit each consumer’s requirements. The 4 Way Wedge Kit is placed over the original wedge and splits the log in four pieces, instead of two. This allows for a quicker turnaround time and improved efficiency. The Road Towable Kit is another option available for the LS27 model. This kit comes with trailer lights that hook onto the machine, allowing easy and safe towing of the log splitter to different work sites. Other kits available for the LS27 model include: Cylinder Brace Kit, Quick Split Kit, Throttle Down Kit, Log Splitter Cradle Kit and Stripper Plate Kit. “When designing the LS27, we wanted to allow the consumer to have a range of kit options, so they can design a machine to fit their needs,” said Jory Skalsky, Design Engineer. “With all the options available that should not be a problem.”

Ease of operation was a main concern during the design process of the LS27. The new model was designed with best in class bed height, giving the user a comfortable operating position, while decreasing physical effort and maximizing efficiency. The LS27 can be used in the horizontal or vertical positions, giving the operator dual application options. The new wider end plate increases stability when operating the LS27 in the vertical position.

The Subaru 211cc OHC Horizontal Engine is another great feature of the LS27. This engine is built with a cast iron cylinder liner, increasing the life of the engine and machine itself, while cutting back on maintenance and repairs.  The LS27 comes equipped with best in class hydraulic system fill, which keeps the machine components running cooling during multiple hours of operation. Storing the LS27 is easy and compact with the fold up trailer tongue.

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