Dear MOTHER: April/May 2016

Reader letters about inspiring homesteaders, the benefits of advertisements, uses for organic tobacco, introducing children to meat processing, the dangers of borax, pesticide drift, newsletters, and more.

| April/May 2016


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Photo by Hannah Kincaid

A Reader Returns

I was a faithful, longtime subscriber to Organic Gardening magazine, but now that they’ve changed into Organic Life, I’ve decided to get back on track with you folks again. I’m reading your August/September 2015 issue, and I like Valerie Lord’s comments (Dear Mother). I have to agree; yours is a treasured publication and always has been. I still reread all the back issues I’ve saved over the years, and I guess you could label me a MOTHER EARTH NEWS hoarder. Who knows, maybe some lucky person will end up with all this knowledge someday. I’ve gained more from your articles than I could’ve learned in college. 

Mike Supak
Flint, Michigan

Accepting Advertisements

I was glad to see Yanmar’s ads in the recent issues of MOTHER EARTH NEWS. I’ve had a Yanmar 336D tractor for nearly 30 years, and I’ve forced that poor thing to do far more than it ever should have. It keeps plugging along, though, and I’ll never regret buying it.

In the February/March 2016 issue, a reader commented that the magazine “has nothing but ads for expensive objects.” I think he forgets what sustains a magazine, which I doubt could survive on subscription fees alone. Plus, I love poring over your ads, whether they’re for expensive or inexpensive stuff. They help inspire entrepreneurial ideas, and they also let readers see the variety of products available. Even if the last one-third of the magazine were ads, I’d still be a subscriber. Without the ads, higher subscription rates would quickly take me out of the reader pool.

Guy Baker
Gaylord, Michigan

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