Country Lore: Break in a Broom, Clean the Chicken Coop, Perfect Tomato Soup and More

How to fashion a hood out of a grain sac, make perfect cream of tomato soup, keep sheep dry, tips for faster-growing comfrey, using a goose feather as a pastry brush and much more.

| May/June 1976


Use a rubber band to keep nipples in place when bottle-feeding baby sheep or goats.


If every one of today's homesteading families has learned as much from their rural neighbors as we have from ours . . . then there must be—buried just beneath the surface of MOTHER-land—a whole mine of country lore that should be shared.

You know the kind of information I mean: those little, practical down-home, time tested solutions for minor problems. Solutions that somehow never get included in textbooks or written up into articles . . . yet which you and I use every day simply because they work.

Here, for starters, are a few gleanings from the Bubel tribe's collection of rural wisdom (wisdom which we, for the most part, have winnowed from the much larger storehouse of native horse sense that our friends, relatives, and acquaintances regularly draw upon).

You'll notice that the larger percentage of the following tips and hints can be implemented with nothing more exotic than common, everyday farm findings . . . such as baskets, feed bags, or vinegar. So—if you'd rather fix or improvise what you need, rather than order a "for cash " replacement or make an expensive trip to the store—check in with its here at the Country Lore Column from time to time.

You're our kind of people!

I've run into this little problem more than once, and I'm sure that you have too: It's spring. A beautiful day. And you've gone out to do the chores without putting on a hat or coat. Then—just as you start back to the house with a full pail of milk and your pockets stuffed with eggs—you're greeted at the stable door by . . . sudden sheets of rain!

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