Young Couple Documents Costs to Start Their Homestead from Scratch

| 1/11/2016 9:58:00 AM

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A year ago to date, Jesse and I decided that we wanted to buy some property in a remote area of the country and to start a homestead from scratch, including the building of our own home (read part 1 and part 2 about that decision). Our end goal was to be debt-free, have freedom and work on being as self-sufficient as possible.

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While we understood how starting our own homestead and building our own home from scratch could help us to achieve our financial goals in a timely manner, we knew that we would need a substantial amount of money to get the ball rolling. Last we checked, land was not free, building materials weren’t free, tools weren’t free, and getting a loan for the entire deal would be working against our goals.

We knew that if we tried to take the frugal approach to this journey that we could soften the financial blow, but we still didn’t know what to expect. We ran some rough numbers in our head as to what land would cost, what the down payment would be, what an RV would cost and what various aspects of land development would cost. That said, all we could do was estimate the total cost to get started, save up some money and roll with the punches.

We started our journey just five months ago, have spent over $30,000 on various aspects of the journey, and thought it would be helpful to others to document what we spent money on so far as some expenses were more predictable than others. The thing to keep in mind is that while our initial investment in our homesteading journey is high, the expenses will taper down over time as will our monthly expenses. It will fast-track us to financial freedom.

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4/4/2016 11:29:15 AM

We have friends who are homesteading now, completely off the grid. They saved up and bought land and started clearing and planting, a few years BEFORE they actually moved in. They have made sure they have an income from the produce, meat and eggs that they grow & raise, and they have been at it for over 5 years now...completely off grid...they DO NOT have a generator. This couple lost me and their bid to make me believe that they are 'homesteading', when they said they had to buy a generator to cook, run power tools and keep warm. This couple doesn't work if it too cold outside??? How do they look after their animals? The couple in this article are not a good example at all, of what it truly truly means to homestead or the true costs. Living off the grid and homesteading, requires hard work, blood, sweat and tears. They are doing it as a 'fashion statement' and for all of the social media kudos they think they will get. I doubt they will still be living on this land or living in the spirit of true homesteading, for very long. I give them two years, tops! It makes me sad that an organization like Mother Earth would even tout their story. It is a farce that flies in the face of all those individuals out there who truly are homesteading. Shame!

1/27/2016 11:36:53 AM

What they paid for that land was completely stupid. So I quit reading because anyone who is that stupid isn't worth listening to.

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