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Our FAIRS bring living wisely to life with hands-on workshops in organic gardening, country skills, renewable energy and more.

Cool FAIR Exhibitors: Solar, Brooms, Toilets, Spoons and So Much More

There are tons of great exhibitors here at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Puyallup, Wash. Today I got the chance to wander around, talk to some of them, and take photos of their booths and products.

There are a few companies here showing off their solar technology, including Artisan Electric.

 Artisan Electric solar panel 

The products and broom-making demonstrations at Moonwise Herbs and Brooms are sure to sweep you off your feet. I bought some of their delicious-smelling herbal soap and one of their unique wooden soap holders.

 Moonwise brooms broom making 

 Moonwise Herbs homemade soap 

The hand-crafted wooden bowls and spoons at the “Woodcarving by Normal L. Brown” booth caught my attention. The bowls come in all shapes and sizes, and you can watch throughout the day as Norman crafts the bowls and utensils using traditional tools. He uses all kinds of woods, including apple wood, birch, pear, cherry, black walnut, sycamore, maple and red alder.

 Norman Brown Weedcarving 

 Norman Brown Woodcarving 

 Norman Brown Woodcarving Demo 

The composting-toilet companies are creating quite a stir. Nature’s Head features a portable, self-contained dry toilet that separates the urine.

 Composting toilet 

Ever thought of making your own log home? Aside from the logs, the Log Home Store sells all you need to make that dream a reality.

 Log Home Tools 

Bags Go Green makes colorful, reusable jute bags. Other companies can customize these bags by having their name or logo printed on them.

 Bags Go Green 

Diggin’ Livin’, a small, family-run outfit that promotes sustainable beekeeping, offers honey, goat’s milk soap and lots of beeswax products, including an assortment of candles. They have a pretty awesome sign hanging in their booth that says, “Washing is an agricultural act.” So true!

 Diggin Livin Beeswax products 

We hope the exhibitors are enjoying the FAIR, and that all of the sustainable-living enthusiasts are enjoying the exhibits. I sure did.

Shelley Stonebrook is MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine’s main gardening editor. She’s passionate about growing healthy, sustainable food and taking care of our environment. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and .