Cleaning Wallpaper, Chrome Fixtures, and Rusty Baking Pans

You don't need special formulations when cleaning wallpaper or polishing chrome fixtures or removing rust from the corners of baking pans.

cleaning wallpaper - whole raw potato and sliced half potato

Would using one of these to clean rusty baking pans ever have occurred to you?


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A dime-store art-gum eraser works great for cleaning wallpaper. It will remove a lot of marks, especially those smudges around light switches. To make chrome fixtures (kitchen and bathroom faucets, etc.) shine in a minute, clean them with an old cloth dipped in kerosene. And to get rid of rust in the corners of such things as baking pans, scrub them with a cut raw potato dipped in scouring powder.

Joanna Arnold
Smithville, Tennessee