Make a Christmas Stocking Puppet

Make a Christmas stocking puppet: How to transform a child's Christmas stocking into a puppet, including plain and fancy fixin's, mix and match patterns and sewing tips.

| November/December 1985


Transforming a Christmas stocking into a reversible puppet.


Make a Christmas stocking puppet by using these step-by-step instructions and pattern. (See the stocking puppet pattern and photo in the image gallery.)

Make a Christmas Stocking Puppet

It sometimes seems a shame that the whole wonderful panoply of Christmas is fated to charm us for a few all-too-short days, and then the sparkling ornaments, colored lights, well-stuffed stockings, and other decorations sit in boxes, unused, for the next eleven months. I was following this line of thought one day and came up with the idea of a stocking/ puppet. One side would be a beautiful Christmas stocking—either in red or in a nontraditional fabric—but turn it inside out and you'd find a delightful horse puppet. The stocking itself would brighten any child's (or adult's) holiday, but long after, when the candies, fruits, and presents that once filled it were memories, a perky pony playfellow would remain to accompany the youngster on many imaginary journeys.

Plain and Fancy Fixings  

I fashioned my stocking/puppets from new fabric, but you could make yours from any colorful scraps you have on hand. I'll give you directions for sewing the complete gift with the stocking side in inch designer inch fabric, then tell you how to make the more traditional version.