Recycle Wood Chips for Chicken Coop Nests

Wood chips leftover from chopping firewood can be used in the nest boxes of a chicken coop for affordable, dry bedding.

| February/March 2014

Wood Chips

The wood chips that accumulate from chopping wood can be put to good use on a homestead.

Photo by Fotolia/WimL

We heat our home during the winter months with an outdoor woodburning stove — and it works wonderfully. But what to do with all those little wood and bark chips that accumulate from chopping the firewood?

Instead of buying $5 cubes of wood chips from the local farm store for our nest boxes in the chicken coop, I rake the dry wood chips from chopping into burlap bags, removing any large pieces of bark. I then use these wood chips as clean bedding on the floor of the chicken coop and in the nest boxes.

Linda Deming
Attica, Michigan

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