Chainsaw Maintenance Tips: Keep That Saw Running Right

Chainsaw owners can do their equipment a world of good by taking the time to perform a dozen or so basic checks at regular intervals.

chainsaws-exhaust system
Exhaust System: The muffler, spark screen, and exhaust port can, in time, become clogged with residue from the engine's exhaust. To remedy this situation, remove the screen and the muffler (many manufacturers use locking clips that must be bent back before you can loosen the fasteners), and clean them with a brush and solvent. To service the exhaust port, first bring the piston to the top of its stroke (this is easily done with the spark plug removed; just pull the starter gradually until the piston is in position), then scrape away at the buildup around the port with solvent and a wooden (not metal) stick. When you reassemble the parts, be certain to use the locking clips if your saw was equipped with them.