Chainsaw Maintenance Tips: Keep That Saw Running Right

Chainsaw owners can do their equipment a world of good by taking the time to perform a dozen or so basic checks at regular intervals.

Cooling Fins: Since a chain saw engine is air-cooled, it's essential that grime, sawdust, and filth in general not be allowed to build up around the cylinder or on the flywheel vanes. By removing the starter housing, drive-case cover, carburetor cover, and cylinder housing, you'll be able to get to the engine case and the cooling fins. Clean these parts with kerosene or degreasing solvent (don't use gasoline!), a small brush, and a narrow wooden blade (to get at tight places). Be sure to keep the carburetor choke closed during this operation to prevent dirt from entering the throat if you've removed the air cleaner. Also, clean all any air-inlet or exhaust screens that might be built into the engine covers.