Building a Pig Hut for Dummies

| 4/2/2014 3:51:00 PM

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This past weekend, we built Sugar River Farm's inaugural pastured pig hut and it went remarkably well. Since I've never really tried my hand at construction, I'm really excited about how it went. We spent just under $50 and the project took us about 90 minutes (most of which were lessons in power tools for me) but for one who is more well versed in building things, I wouldn't be surprised if this could be done in 30 minutes or so.

What You'll Need

What Not to Do

Here's what we picked up on our trip to the local big box store.

6 each  8 ft  2 x 4 boards (not pressure treated)
1 each  12 ft 2 x 4 board (not pressure treated)
4 each  26 in x 8ft Green PVC Corrugated Roof Panel
1 each Tube of Caulking

You'll also need screws, but we had some kicking around. 

Two things I'd like to mention:

I noted above that the boards we bought were not pressure treated mainly to be clear regarding how we got all our materials for under $50. In our case, the pressure treated boards were more expensive than the non and there was also a concern, on my part, that it might not be good for pigs to chew on pressure treated wood. Please don't take my notion as fact.

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