Build a Bathhouse for Your Homestead

Bring hot water bathing to your homestead with these tips for purchased or homemade water heaters.

This solar water heater was designed by Peter van Dresser, a alternative energy enthusiast who moved to New Mexico and began experimenting with solar heated houses and windmills in 1949 (long before the current revival of interest in renewable energy resources). Mr. Mr. van Dresser, a fascinating individual in his own right, is credited by James B. DeKorne, Steve Baer and other southwestern alternative energy movers and shakers as being a major source of inspiration and encouragement. For photos of solar heated houses built by van Dresser as long ago as 1949, a projection of today's energy crisis that he wrote in 1938 and other facts about the man, see the James B. DeKorne interview with Peter van Dresser in Lifestyle! No. 7.