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An Aquaponics Greenhouse Makes a Splash for Homesteading Education Month

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

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Andre Armantrout sent us this wonderful update from a Homesteading Education Month event featuring aquaculture at Snowy Pine Ridge, outside Spokane, Wash. 

Snowy Pine Ridge aquaponics

Our MOTHER EARTH NEWS Homesteading Education Month open house for the Snowy Pines Ridge aquaponics greenhouse went really well.We opened our greenhouse doors for five hours to allow people to come and go when it was convenient for them.We had people showing up before I even had a chance to set out the homemade pies. 

We have only been here for a year, but were encouraged when we still had around 20 people attend the event. Many were Master Gardeners from the local area, who were curious about aquaculture. We answered questions as best as we could, and encouraged them to give aquaponics a try. I think next spring we'll see more aquaponic greenhouses go up in this area.

Photo by Andre Armantrout