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AGCO Introduces Three RoGator High-Clearance Sprayers for 2012

AGCOFeaturing e3 SCR technology; loaded with practical solutions to improve power, performance, serviceability, emissions and fuel consumption.

The bar has been raised once more as AGCO Application Equipment introduces for 2012 three new RoGator high-clearance sprayers designed with even more power under the hood and boom-to-boom benefits to cut down on fuel consumption, emissions, maintenance and operator fatigue. 

“We set out to make a RoGator that was compliant with mandatory Environmental Protection Agency emission standards, but the advantages of these new models go way beyond clean-air benefits,” says Mark Sharitz, AGCO Application Equipment director of marketing. “Customers are going to experience higher engine horsepower, easier access to service points, more-efficient fuel consumption and reduced in-cab noise levels, among many other benefits. We’re confident that no other professional-grade applicator in its class provides the quality, productivity, value and operating experience that the RoGator offers.” 

At the core of the RoGator RG900, RG1100 and RG1300 models is a proven drivetrain system and powerful and efficient Tier 4 interim-compliant AGCO POWER 8.4-liter diesel engine with e3 selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology that provides a boost in horsepower and fuel efficiency. Thoughtful placement of service access points means that most maintenance tasks can be quickly accomplished at ground level, saving valuable time and energy. The enhanced operator environment with reduced noise levels and advanced information technology solutions make crop application smarter, more productive and enjoyable. 

Convenient Service Points 

“Machine maintenance is critical to productivity, which is why a lot of time and attention was put into making service checks faster and easier to accomplish,” explains Paul Haefner, AGCO Application Equipment product marketing specialist. 

He says nearly all service points can be accessed at ground level and are grouped in key locations, including fuel fill stations on either side of the machine. The redesigned hood easily lifts from the front for fast and quick cleanout of the cooling unit. Express End Caps on the stainless-steel boom plumbing are strategically located to virtually eliminate the need to remove and clean end caps. Rather than climbing on top of the RoGator, the new grease banks located on the back of the machine keep the high grease points well-lubricated, so all other greasing can be done by the operator at ground level. The undercarriage and hydraulic hose covers also reduce downtime caused by wear and tear on wires and hoses in contact with crops. 

Sleek Design, Enhanced Operational Efficiency 

There also are things you won’t see on the new RoGator that add to its power and performance. The step from the chassis to the system is eliminated, creating an even front-to-back level for easy and safe footing. High posts on the boom rests are removed to improve the look and in-cab visibility of the machine. The 36-gallon fresh water tank previously used for foam markers is removed. Instead, an injection-style foam marker pulls water from the rinse tank, making filling of the foam markers easier. 

Other improvements in the design of the new RoGator include an increase in fuel tank capacity to 150 gallons. A new, longitudinal A suspension creates sharper turns, minimizes soil disruption and reduces the amount of motion that is transmitted to the cab. The front axle is repositioned to improve weight distribution and provide better visibility of the front tire from the operator station. Modifications to the boom plumbing and air aspirators provide faster on and off times, while also improving upon an already-impressive, industry-leading +/- one psi tip-to-tip accuracy. 

Improved Cab Comfort, Safety 

The sloped hood, redesigned cab, removal of high-post boom rests and relocation of mirrors all contribute to excellent all-around visibility. Ten auxiliary lights are located around and under the RoGator, and 10 more lighting locations are available for even more visibility. As an additional safety precaution, a back-up alarm is triggered when the machine runs in reverse. Inside the cab, noise levels are quieter than ever, and controls have been reconfigured so that boom, pump and sparger switches are conveniently located on the armrest for easy access. Other cab features include a new easy-to-clean floor mat and optional leather seats. 

Improvements to the AGCO RoGator Management Center (RMC) include a larger display screen and more intelligent reporting on critical operating features like the engine, transmission and fuel performance. RMC also is capable of controlling track adjustments automatically or manually. 

The newest RoGator high-clearance sprayer also is designed with the following industry-leading features found in its predecessor: 

Proven drivetrain system designed with a two-piece construction — a hydraulic motor and a separate gear reduction hub — that delivers more power to the ground

Seven speed ranges to allow operators to better match speed range to the field conditions, resulting in improved power management and in quicker acceleration reaching up to 36 miles per hour on the road

AGCOMMAND Advance Telemetry package for vehicle logistic and maintenance

Best-in-class C-channel frame that flexes over rough terrain while maintaining the strength to withstand the toughest conditions

Optional GatorTrak four-wheel steering that shrinks the 23-foot turning radius to 16 feet

Combo-ready chassis for fast and easy changeover to the wide range of liquid and dry systems options

Choice of four boom options from 80 to 120 feet wide. All feature tip and full boom breakaway for added durability

e3: Energy, Economy and Ecology  

“When making the move to achieve Tier 4 interim compliance, we opted for an SCR engine because of its track record in other off-road machines to generate lower fuel consumption and noise levels compared with an EGR engine,” explains Haefner. 

SCR is a clean-air technology, post-combustion process that doesn’t interfere with the engine’s ability to provide power. More-efficient engine function leads to better fuel economy, which means lower operating costs. SCR treats emissions outside of the engine, allowing the engine to perform at its peak with better fuel economy while meeting the Environmental Protection Agency interim Tier 4 regulations. The AGCO brand name for SCR technology is e3 (energy, economy, ecology). This e3 technology treats downstream exhaust with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), which is stored in a separate tank and injected into the exhaust stream. The process allows the engine to run more efficiently by optimizing combustion and reducing polluting particulate matter. The result is higher cost savings, simpler mechanics, a cooler running performance and quieter sound levels when compared with EGR engines. In fact, SCR and EGR engines in high-horsepower tractors were analyzed in 2009 by the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab. Results showed a 17 percent fuel savings in SCR-engine tractors over comparable same-class EGR engine tractors. 

“Growers and professional applicators alike will quickly see the value these sprayers bring to the overall operating experience,” says Sharitz. “The bottom line is that RoGator is a profit-making machine for our customers, whether it’s running in the field at full RPMs, in transport or idle. We’re eager to move the RoGator off the line and into the field so that customers can see first-hand the superiority and value of these machines.” 

For more information on the new RoGator lineup for 2012, visit your local dealer or

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