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A Recent Video Shoot

Today's post is a little different. It's more of a video post.

The other day we decided that we needed to shoot some video of our chickens in the winter. There was a fresh layer of snow on the ground which helped to make things look a little cleaner and tidier. This can be such a messy time of the year, what with the thawing and the freezing and the mud and the slush.

We started out showing our coop and how we chose to winterize with bales of hay. The chickens seem to enjoy the bales of hay placed around their pen and we often find them jumping from bale to bale, like a chicken jungle gym!

Since it was such a lovely, sunny winter day, I then decided to do some zero-carbon electric chainsawing with my electric chainsaw. So, of course, I encouraged Michelle to film that too!

Then I found the chickens in the woodshed, which is one of their favourite places during the winter months. They can get in and scratch in the dirt and hollow out a depression and get in and have a dust bath. With the ground outside covered in snow, it's a real treat for them to find some unfrozen dirt to scratch.

Michelle brought out a pot of "cat grass" for them to nibble on. As you can hear me saying in the video, they looked like "vegetarians at a salad bar," attacking the greenery with gusto!

Finally, I decided to film one of the chickens providing an endorsement for our new book "Little House Off the Grid." I guess the chickens are pretty happy that they are mentioned in the book and decided to promote it.

If you enjoy watching chickens, you'll enjoy this video!


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