Event Hosting Resources

Thank you for your interest in hosting an homesteading education event. We encourage you to use these resources to help you as you plan your event.

How to Host an Event

Planning to Host an Event 

Speaker Finder 

If you’d like to host an event but want someone else to make the presentation, make use of our Speaker Finder and find a homesteading expert by subject area, location and honorarium fee.

Speaker Finder 

Books to Sell at Your Events

MOTHER EARTH NEWS and GRIT offer a wide selection of wiser-living books (see our top selections in our Homesteading Library). If you'd like to order books to sell at your event, please contact James Duft for more information. If you order more than 20 books, you will receive a discounted price. 

Poster Template

We've created a poster template for International Homesteading Education Month events. If you are planning your event as part of this celebration, print off this editable template, fill out the specifics of your event in the spaces provided, and start posting them all over town!

Editable Poster Template 


Copy this embed code to put this International Homesteading Education Month logo on any online mentions of any event you're holding in conjunction with this celebration. Add it to your Facebook page, blog, website – everywhere you can think of! You also can use the image below for use in online or printed promotions.

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