Green Transportation

The latest and greatest on the many ways to move around, from electric cars and hybrid vehicles to commuter and electric bikes.

Human Powered Vehicles

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Don't miss your chance to try out human powered vehicles at the HPV conference.

Drive an Electric Vehicle and Never Buy Gas Again

By Bill Moore

Clean and efficient, the electric vehicle is finally coming of age.

Biodiesel Fuel: Homegrown Oil

By Greg Pahl

Learn how clean, renewable biodiesel fuel is a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fuel and how it can power any diesel engine. Originally published as "Biodiesel: Homegrown Oil" in the February/March 2006 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

California Standards on Automobile Emissions

An editorial from The New York Times

California is leading the way to greener transportation by setting new limits on automobile emissions of carbon dioxide. Originally published as "Cleaner Cars Are on the Way" in the February/March 2006 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.


Coolfuel Roadtrip: Alternative-Fuel Vehicles Across the Country

By Scott Hollis

Learn about different alternative-fuel vehicles in the show “Coolfuel Roadtrip.” Originally published as "Hit the Road With Cool Fuels" in the February/March 2006 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Drive a Fuel-Efficient Car, Reduce Air Pollution

John Rockhold

Almost a third of the air pollution in the United States comes from passenger vehicles. Choosing a more environmentally friendly car can help reduce air pollution.

Fuel Economy: Green Means Go

By John Rockhold

Here’s how to find the right vehicle for your needs, save money with fuel economy and pollute less.

The Hybrid Electric Car Revolution

By John Rockhold

Cool, capable and fun to drive, the hybrid electric car can save you thousands of dollars in gas.

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