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The latest and greatest on the many ways to move around, from electric cars and hybrid vehicles to commuter and electric bikes.

Automotive X Prize Purse Set at $10 Million

From EERE Network News

The race for 100 mpg gets a very sweet reward.

Corn Ethanol: Hero or Hype?

By Laura Evers and John Rockhold

Current ethanol comes from corn. Although many companies have tried to promote it as the solution to America's dependence on foreign oil, the current product does not live up to this promise ... yet. Corn ethanol has downsides such as reduced fuel economy, water pollution and can even contribute to higher food prices. Attention has switched to cellulosic ethanol made from non-food resources such as switchgrass, but the process has not been perfected.

Biofuel Production is Increasing Food Prices

By Peyton Baldwin

We need to find cleaner fuels, but biofuel production - particularly ethanol fuel - may be doing more harm than good.

The Better World Club: An Eco-friendly Roadside Assistance Plan

By Aubrey Vaughn

As the eco-friendly alternative to AAA, the Better World Club provides 24/7 roadside assistance in all 50 states.


Run a Diesel Vehicle on Vegetable Oil

By Tim Wacker

With a few modifications, you can run a diesel vehicle on vegetable oil to power your car or truck. People across the country are using conversion kits to retrofit their vehicles. Others are taking a do-it-yourself approach. Some burn free waste vegetable oil from local restaurants; others burn clean straight vegetable oil. But there’s a catch: Technically, it may not be legal. Originally published as "Would You Use Veggie Oil to Fuel Your Vehicle?" December 2007/January 2008 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Designing a Low-Emission 100 Mile-Per-Gallon Car

By Todd Kaho

The X Prize Foundation wants to break our addiction to oil and slow the effects of climate change. They’re offering a multimillion dollar prize to the first team to create a low-emission, 100 mile-per-gallon car that’s safe, affordable and ready for mass production. The contest is gaining speed internationally, with more than 30 teams from numerous countries. Originally published as "Racing to a Revolution" December 2007/January 2008 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

What to Look for in a Used Bike

By Megan Phelps

Bicycles make great 'green' transportation. Riding a bike produces no pollution, consumes no fossil fuel, and even helps you stay in shape. As an added bonus, bikes get some of the best parking places on the planet. (That's because you can park your bike almost anywhere. Yes, it's a dream come true!)

Back to School With Reduced School Bus Pollution

By Erika Bentson

School buses are heading back to school with reduced school bus pollution. Those familiar yellow school buses may be the safest way to get our children to school, but they also subject children to harmful pollution. Thankfully, there are many emerging means for communities to clean up what carries our most precious cargo. Originally published as "Back to School with Better Buses" August/September 2007 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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