Green Transportation

The latest and greatest on the many ways to move around, from electric cars and hybrid vehicles to commuter and electric bikes.

MAX Car 109: Reducing Rolling Resistance

By Jack McCornack

MAX isn't just streamlined - MAX has its rolling resistance down to a minimum too, thanks to low-drag tires and lubricants. Here's a video to show how much it matters.

MAX Car 108: Topping It Off With a Handmade Fiberglass Car Roof

By Jack McCornack

One of our readers made a fiberglass and carbon fiber roof for his own home-built MAX high-mileage sports car, and here's how he did it.

New Cycling App for Bicyclists

By Alec Weaver

The free CycleMap cycling app pinpoints the locations of nearly one million miles of bike paths around the world.

Amtrak’s New Bike-Friendly Baggage Car

By Alec Weaver

Traveling by train is becoming more convenient for bicyclists with the new Amtrak baggage car.


MAX Car 107: Showing Class at the Maker Faire

By Jack McCornack

MAX won an award at the 2014 Maker Faire Bay Area for...gosh, we don't really know, but it was best in its class.

Public Transit Is a Deciding Factor for Millennials in the Workforce

Press release

Millennial job hunters are seeking employment in cities with good public transit systems.

Electric Bus Route with Wireless Charging Debuts in UK

By Hannah Swank

The United Kingdom is testing the power of green transportation with a fleet of all-electric buses running the same rigorous schedule as their diesel counterparts.

MAX Car 106: Introducing 'MPX,' the MAX Truck

By Jack McCornack

MAX is getting a garage mate. We're building a high-mileage pickup truck for those jobs that a sports car can't do, and this post outlines what we're starting with.

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