Green Transportation

The latest and greatest on the many ways to move around, from electric cars and hybrid vehicles to commuter and electric bikes.

Electric Car Range in Cold Weather

By Jim Motavalli

Electric car battery range is worse in cold weather: A drop of just 10 degrees could theoretically sap up to 50 percent of a battery’s charge.

Embodied Energy: Prius Vs. Hummer

By Sebastian Blanco

Despite rumors to the contrary, a Prius is still better for the Earth and has less embodied energy than a Hummer.

The Longevity of Diesel Engines

By Todd Kaho

Diesel engines are engineered and built to be more robust due to the higher compression ratio in the combustion chamber and the high torque output they produce.

What's the Big Deal With Cars That Get 40 MPG?

By Todd Kaho

Comparing today’s cars that get 40 mpg or better to the high-mpg cars of a few decades ago is neither an accurate nor fair comparison.


E85 Gas Prices

By Jim Motavalli

Supply and demand have kept E85 gas prices low, and politics has played a role.

Truck Gas Mileage

By Todd Kaho

Today’s full-size pickup trucks are more efficient than trucks of just a few years ago, but it’s still common for truck gas mileage to be in the mid-teens. The best overall full-size pickup fuel economy can be found on the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid and GMC Sierra Hybrid.

Invest in Green Vehicle Technology Now or Later?

By Bradley Berman

If you need a new car — and want one that employs green vehicle technology or hybrid vehicle technology to save gas — there’s no major reason to wait.

EVCCON 2011 – 500 miles in a day (twice), in an EV

By David Hrivnak

How I traveled 500 miles in 24 miles (twice) in an electric vehicle.

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