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The latest and greatest on the many ways to move around, from electric cars and hybrid vehicles to commuter and electric bikes.

Try a Hydraulic Drive Train: This Car of the Future Gets 75 MPG

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Is this car of the future what is in store for the future of automobiles?  The redesigned car is made of off-the-shelf products available to anyone, so go make your own fuel-efficient vehicle! Originally published as "This Car Travels 75 Miles on a Single Gallon of Gasoline" in the March/April 1978 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Can an Inertial Storage Transmission Double Your Car's Mileage?

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Carmen's Inertial Storage Transmission can double your car's mileage, learn about this car transmission invention and how it can benefit your car mileage.

Geraldo Rivera visits MOTHER EARTH NEWS

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

ABC-TV film crew filmed Geraldo riding in MOTHER's methane powered car.

Construction of Cargo Trikes

By Eric Warren

Learn the basic knowledge of constructing cargo bikes.


Electric Car Conversion Robert Bucy Style

By Donald L Cairl

Texas junkman does electric car conversion that defies expectations and is no joke. Originally published as "The Bucy Lectric Kar" in the March/April 1976 issue of MOTHE REARTH NEWS.

More on the Perpetual Motion Machine

By Nicholas Rosa

MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers share their feedback on the gravity perpetual motion machine article featured in issue NO. 33. Originally published as "Feedback on Perpetual Motion" November/December 1975 MOTHER EARTH NEWS. 

A Genuine 1870 Solar-Powered Steam Engine


Reprint of 1870 article about a solar-powered steam engine that appeared in The Technologist magazine, which proves that alternative energy is nothing new and that its benefits have long been known.

Alternative Transportation: The Shuttlebug Test Drive


MOTHER EARTH NEWS Shuttlebug is taken for a test drive, proving the concept of a lightweight, fuel-efficient economial small automobile. Originally published as "The Shuttlebug" November/December 1975 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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