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Vespa USA Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Vespa 50cc Motor Scooter

Press Release

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Piaggio Group Americas, the North American subsidiary of the Piaggio Group's iconic Vespa scooter brand is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Vespa 50cc motor scooter, the proven global and storied “must-have” for smart metro mobility and leisure time fun for decades in Europe and the U.S., with a user-generated digital and social campaign. From historic touch points and pop culture decade highlights to first-person owner contributions about the ease and low cost of ownership and varied lifestyle uses, the five-week campaign highlights the Vespa 50cc’s influence on the transportation and cultural landscape since its 50cc engine inception in 1963. Owners and fans are encouraged to share their 50cc stories on Vespa’s digital lifestyle destination

 and submit photos via Twitter or Instagram.

While today’s owners are attracted to Vespa for its style and fashion-forward appeal many riders are attracted to the environmental and cost savings associated with Vespa ownership too.  In addition to exceeding the most stringent U.S. environmental regulations, Vespa owners can also achieve economic savings.  The monthly payment of a Vespa 50cc can cost less than a monthly Metrocard subway pass in New York City.

The Vespa 50 has been cruising college campuses, seaside beach resorts and campgrounds for 50 years. In 1963, the Vespa 50cc became an instant hit with the Italian youth and the transportation craze soon spread throughout Europe. The Vespa 50 became the vehicle of the revolution generation during the turbulent and heady times of the sixties. The original Vespa 50 spawned generations of riders and enthusiasts while cementing Vespa’s place in popular culture. 

Over the last five decades, the 50cc model has continued from a storied lineage of the 50 Special, the 50 Super Sport and the PK 50. The 2013 Vespa LX 50 and Vespa S 50 models continue the long line of elegant, smart, economical and fun Vespa 50cc scooters. To keep the 50cc torch burning strong and to highlight more than five decades of stylized smart mobility, freedom and fun, Vespa USA invites owners to share their two-wheel love affair and adventures online.

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