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The Mitsubishi I Electric Car at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR

By John Rockhold

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I have to admit I was slightly skeptical about Mitsubishi's "I" electric car before I arrived at the 2011 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Puyallup, Washington. I've loosely followed the development of the i/MiEV over the years, but never had the impression it would be right for much more than a niche market. When I heard that Mitsubishi would be one of the main sponsors of the Puyallup FAIR, I was excited because I knew I'd be able to confirm whether my suspicions were right or wrong through hands-on time with the car. 

After a ride and a drive, I'm happy to say that I was completely wrong. 

The I is a great electric car, one that could be ideal for many people. It's smooth, zippy, nimble and spacious. It's fun to drive and functional for families because of its rear passenger/cargo room. It's obviously a superbly designed electric car thanks to both its drive and its ride. The three units of the car have been turning heads and creating buzz at the FAIR.

Perhaps best of all, at $20,490 (after a $,7,500 federal tax credit), the I will be the most affordable electric car on the market. 

I'm really looking forward to getting more time with the car on Sunday, and seeing how the U.S. market responds to this electric car. 

Check out the photos below, and the video interview with Jonathan Holloway, who was kind enough to show me the ins and outs of the car. 

Mitsubishi I Electric Car
Mitsubishi I Electric Car on display

Mitsubishi I Electric Car Recharge Port 

John Rockhold is a green car enthusiast and Contributing Editor for MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Find him on .