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Test Driving the New Honda CR-Z Hybrid!

By John Rockhold

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This morning I got a brand-new CR-Z hybrid on loan from Honda. The car is super fun. I had a hard time returning to my desk after my initial drive. Driving it felt like I was piloting a small and swift jet that happens to get 30 to 50 mpg. I'm looking forward to getting a lot more time behind its wheel in the coming week.

Here are the three most common questions (and their answers) that I've heard from my co-workers today.

What kind of mpg does it get? 

The CR-Z's official rating is 35 city and 39 highway. The "expected range for most drivers" according to the EPA is 32 to 45 mpg. Like any hybrid, the car's actual mpg depends greatly on how you drive it. Cruising around town, I easily got 50+ mpg in some situations. But I also got 20-something or less when I let it rip ...

How much does it cost? 

The base trim has a sticker cost of $19,950.

When will it be available? 

It's available now!

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Honda CR-Z front 

Honda CR-Z hybrid rear 

Honda CR-Z front white