New, Free Resource for Educators on Cleaner School Buses

| 11/5/2007 12:00:00 AM

Tags: school buses, public transportation,

Earlier this fall, we wrote about the effort to reduce the harmful emissions school buses produce. Diesel exhaust can have detrimental health effects, especially to children who breathe it as they rides buses to and fro.

As part of its ongoing Clean School Bus USA program, the EPA is offering a new book free to libraries, schools, air quality programs, nonprofit education programs, etc. The book is another installment in the Magic School Bus series and is called The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up.

In the book, children learn about the pollution their diesel bus emits and how it can be reduced. Apparently, they learn this as they travel through a diesel engine — hopefully they wear goggles! The kids learn about reducing idling and in the end their bus gets a filter to trap the particulate matter from their diesel engine.

I wonder if the book discusses using cleaner fuels, such as biodiesel and the new clean diesel.

For more on the book, click here and here. Teachers, librarians, etc. — to order the book, click here. Individuals and schools can order up to 20 copies each. Nonprofits working on diesel emissions issues can order up to 500.

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