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New AMP Electric Riding Mower from Ariens

The electric riding mower arena just got twice as crowded as the Ariens AMP™ Rider joins Hustler Turf’s Zeon all-electric zero-turn mower. The all-electric rear-wheel-drive and front-wheel steer AMP fills a more traditional riding-mower niche with a battery-powered machine that promises to deliver as much drive and cutting power as a conventional gas-powered riding mower without the emissions, oil, belts or noise associated with gasoline-powered mowers. The new AMP Rider will be available in May at The Home Depot and select Ariens dealers throughout the United States. Mother Earth News is hoping to test drive one soon, so stay tuned for more news on this new electric mower.


AMP Electric Riding Mower from Ariens 

Here are excerpts from the AMP electric riding mower news release:

Ariens is the first company to offer a riding electric mower in conjunction with a mass channel retail chain and through a wide and proven dealer network across the U.S. AMP™ Rider will sell for an MSRP of $3,299, the lowest priced all-electric riding lawn mower on the market.

“We understand that our customers desire alternative energy fueled mowers, and we are methodically moving our company towards offering a line of products that run off electric and other alternative fuels,” says Dan Ariens, company president. “With AMP™ Rider, we are able to offer homeowners a way to reduce fuel expenses and produce zero emissions, without sacrificing the power, reliability and support they expect from Ariens’ products.”

The AMP™ Rider is clean, easy and powerful and offers the following features:

  • No gasoline-producing emissions
  • 50 percent quieter than gas-reliant engine mowers
  • Fully charges in 16 hours (overnight) and runs up to 75 minutes on one charge
  • Charges with smart technology, shutting down automatically once full charge is reached
  • Same power as a conventional gas-powered rear engine riding mower
  • Minimal maintenance: no oil, gas, belts to maintain
  • Constructed with the same durable, high performance structure used on other Ariens premium riding mowers
  • Strong support network, with 2,000 Ariens dealers across the country

AMP™ Rider meets ANSI safety standards and offers a range of safety features one would expect from Ariens.


Ariens batteries 
  Batteries in the AMP Rider power the mower for up to 75 minutes on a charge.

How much lawn will the AMP™ cut? 
The AMP™ Rider electric mower will cut an acre of lawn within an hour.

How powerful is the mower? 
The AMP™ Rider electric mower has a 4.0 hp traction or drive motor and two 1.7 hp cutting motors. It is just as powerful as a conventional gas-powered, rear-engine riding mower.

How long will the mower operate before it needs to be recharged? 
Depending on the terrain, length of grass and moisture, the AMP™ Rider electric mower will cut continuously for up to 75 minutes.

Is it a hybrid? 
No. The AMP™ Rider electric mower is 100 percent electrically powered.

How long does it take to recharge the batteries? 
The AMP™ Rider electric mower can be recharged in 16 hours. With an optional 20-amp charger, the AMP™ Rider can be recharged in five hours. Technology integrated within the battery allows the unit to automatically shut off and hibernate when full recharge is reached, saving electricity costs.

Is it quieter than a gas mower? 
Noise tests have consistently shown the AMP™ Rider electric mower delivers more than a 50% reduction in noise.

What maintenance is required? 
The AMP™ Rider electric mower requires little to no maintenance. There are no belts to replace, no oil changes to make, and no off-season storage preparation required. The blades will need to be sharpened on average every two years depending on the volume of mowing the AMP™ conducts.

If something needs repair, can I get it serviced locally? 
Yes. In every community where the AMP™ Rider electric mower is sold, there is a Certified AMP Dealer trained to service the AMP™ Rider.

What is the cost and the ROI? 
AMP™ Rider is selling for $3,299 MSRP and is available at and at Certified AMP™ Rider Dealers across the country. We estimate that with a gallon of gas costing $3 per gallon and with weekly mowing, the average consumer would save $120 a year on fuel costs and avoid additional costs for oil and tune-ups.
How much does it cost to replace the battery and how often does it need to be replaced? 
AMP™ batteries are designed for 200 charges — the equivalent of about three to four years of mowing. The current estimate for battery replacement based on today’s battery technology is $749.

That cost is comparable to the $600 to $800 in savings you will incur with an electric mower over a three- to four-year time — about $200 per year for gas, oil and annual maintenance tune-up, including the cost of replacement filters and spark plugs. Advancements in battery technology may also cause the price to decrease by the time AMP™ batteries will need to be replaced.

james d
5/24/2010 5:59:38 AM

This mower is now only 1999.00 from home depot with free delivery. So the price tag isn't bad. The power isn't bad either. People are complaining about how much the cost is to operate. My Bunton uses 4 belts, 2 of which have to be replaced every season as they get lots of use. There is also the oil change and winter preparation. This Arien's seems pretty promising. But yes it could think outside the box a little on the design to optimize the electric use. Purhaps a walk behind. This equipment looks pretty promising. Always keep plugged in, don't have to worry about going to the gas station when you decide on a whim to mow, and the winter prep. I'm sure there will be after market replacements on the power source within 3-4 years, so stop whining!

darrell diluzio
3/6/2010 9:06:11 AM

After looking at a few of the electric riding mowers I cant believe none of these companies has looked outside the box on this one. Why would they keep a trditional design with those little fron wheels and a steering wheel right over them. Having an all electric machine offers so many new concepts and options it's hard to believe they went this direction. Sorry that they have little faith in the public to understand new concepts, but we do!!! And we'll learn to work with them and the manufacturer to make them better!

8/26/2009 10:20:02 AM

it's great that people are realizing more and more the need for alternative energy resources--but the hefty price tag discourages those of us who don't even have a car that costs that much! i understand that it costs a bit to start up a factory that doesn't make conventional engines, though i suspect there's a built-in "alternative energy" price to make it worth the company's time...

5/10/2009 2:27:30 PM

Ariens is counting $200 a year fee in gas. To do that, I'd have to cut about 4 to 6 acres! They also forget that gas is currently about $2 to $2.2/gallon in most places. At the end of 3 or 4 years, you will have a $749 bill for new batteries. They forget to count the cost of the electricity to charge the batteries as well. It's not that much to charge it, but it adds up. Currently it costs me about $1.25 per cut nearly an acre. About $32 a year. in 4 years, that would be $128 cutting nearly an acre every time. So it's much cheaper. It also seems like they are hoping to find a new way to rip people off, for batteries etc. I think someone at Ariens needs to put the bong down and come back to reality.

janice lane_1
4/30/2009 2:13:24 PM


4/13/2009 1:50:13 PM

Thanks for the article. But before implying that the Amp Rider and Zeon are the only electric tractors, you may want to check out these three..