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12,000 Gasoline free miles and counting

People often ask the best thing about an EV and the answer is easy; it is waking up to a full battery every morning.  

Imagine what your life would be like if there was a “gasoline fairy” that snuck into your garage each night and insured you had a ½ tank of gas.  If you drove 20 miles they add a gallon, if you drive 100 miles they add 5 gallons.  How often would you go to the gas station?  My guess is rarely, very rarely, and it is a great feeling.   001DJHEV 

Now people ask what has happened to your electric bill and yes it has gone up, about $17/month.  Not bad for an average of 800 miles/month of driving and I added a plug in kit on my wife’s Prius and a battery powered lawnmower during the same time.   

Another common question is how long do the batteries last?  Unfortunately we do not know as the cars are too new.  But in careful measurement over the last year I have seen NO degradation in the battery.   


I figure one of three things will happen.  One option is in 7-10 years I will need to spring for a battery and the costs have not dropped much.  In this case then my total cost would be if I had purchased gasoline all those years.  A second option is that battery prices make a significant decline and our one data point is Tesla whose battery cost from the Roadster to the Model S was cut by more than half.  In this case while still a significant; cost would be half of what I spent in gasoline for a “normal” car.  The third case is the batteries are still holding up like any Prius cars still on the road after 12 years and 200,000 miles. 

Only time will give the answer but even in the worst case I get to drive a clean, quiet and fun car that is far cleaner than any gasoline counterpart.  I know that my money is not flowing out of the country; mostly to countries that do not like us very much.  And I know I can make my own electricity.  As our next big project is to add a solar roof to the house to generate all of our electrical needs. 


james van damme
8/31/2012 8:02:48 PM

The key is to not discharge your batteries fully all the time. Nobody does that anyhow, or they'd have to walk. I keep my laptop plugged in almost all the time; I still have the flexibility to move around or go off the cord for a while. My olden laptop is 8 years old and the batteries are still good.

steve clunn
8/25/2012 6:15:58 PM

we have been converting GAS cars to 100% ELECTRIC for over 20 years now.. LONG before it was POPULAR... see our web page... new Lithiums are rated for...............get this............6,000 cycles !!! they are amazing and have CHANGED OUR world,... our business and our driving.. I have saved about $4,800 in gas EACH YEAR... every year for the last 5 years.. my company car... a `1967 AUSTIN.. I did MY SELF.... YES an OLD LADY.. and I love driving her everywhere !! arent WE the LUCKY ONES???? we have EV's.... WE ROCK !!! enjoyed your article... THANKS for all you do !!!! Audrey

david hrivnak
8/25/2012 1:08:26 AM

While I have had the car 18 months now the car is over 3.5 years old and the batteries are just fine. So I KNOW the batteries are good for well more than 3 years. The site (thecarelectric) is not written by someone who drives an electric car. A co-worker has a Leaf with 30,000 miles and he says he has seen no change in battery for his 50 mile commute. But he has seen a big drop in fuel costs.

t brandt
8/24/2012 11:18:01 PM

Battery life depends on the type of battery and how often you run it down. The type used in many EVs last up to 1000 cycles. If you drive close to its full range daily, the batteries would last about 3 yrs(ie-~90,000mi) Replacement batteries can cost up to $14,000. You spend your money on gasoline or you spend it on batteries. Your choice....