Green Homes

The ins and outs of green construction and natural building, with specifics on solar design, home insulation and more.

The Recycled Log Cabin

By Douglas Stevenson

I love my two-story log cabin, which combines recycled and an array of green building materials.

'Staycations' in the USA: Impact on the Environment

By Ruth Barton

This article explores the nature of the staycation, if it is indeed a greener option and ways to vacation in a more eco-friendly manner.

Buildings that Pass the Test of Time

By Paula Baker-Laporte

Building Biology advises us to look for a successful history of use when choosing building materials but in our ever changing product-based building environment we seldom have the luxury of evaluating track record. This becomes quickly apparent when vetting new products for client’s homes. I recently called a major manufacturer to find out what was in a new product developed to prevent mold growth on framing lumber.

Compost Tea

By Ron Ferrell

A basic recipe for making compost tea.


Why U.S. Homes Should Be Greener

By Ruth Barton

Homes in the United States a responsible for one fifth of all carbon dioxide emissions. Simply taking steps to reduce these on a domestic level will help positively impact carbon outputs, decreasing environmental damage.

How to Store Linens and Gift Bags for an Organized Home

By Dawn Hodges

Learn how to store linens and organize gift bags in an efficient, no-fuss manner.

Don’t Pull the Plug on a Greywater System

By Caroline Beckett

Incorporate leftover bathwater into your greywater recycling system.

Recycle Old Prescription Bottles

By Diana Laurenitis

Don’t let old prescription bottles go to waste! Follow this tip for recycling and reusing the prevalent plastic containers.

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