Green Homes

The ins and outs of green construction and natural building, with specifics on solar design, home insulation and more.

Building Mistakes: Prevention and Correction

By Anna Twitto

Everybody makes mistakes while building; while planning ahead is essential, be prepared to make some adjustments.

Metal Roof Retrofitting: Is It Worth Your Time?

By Megan Wild

Retrofitting a metal roof over your current roof saves you time in terms of application, but does it pay off in terms of energy saving? We take a look.

What's So Hot About Infrared Grills?

By Jennifer Tuohy

Infrared cooking employs radiation to help gas grills cook food faster, more evenly, and with fewer flare-ups. Initially, the high cost of this technology restricted its use to high-end commercial kitchens. But now, it's available to home chefs.

The ABCs of LED Lighting (Infographic)

By Jennifer Tuohy, Home Depot

Use this infographic to brighten your mind (and your bathroom) by cutting through all the jargon and soaking up just the facts in your quest to flip the switch from incandescent to LED.


Get Money for Your Green Upgrades

By Lyra DeLora, Viva Green Homes

A fixer-upper’s guide to find money for residential energy efficiency upgrades.

How to Effectively Advertise a House With Solar Panels

By Lyra DeLora, Viva Green Homes

Hosting an open house for a property with solar panels is an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as your community’s expert in green homes, sometimes also known as eco-friendly or energy efficient homes. Here are a few tips to help set the stage for a successful sale, and possibly earn a new client or two.

How to Green Clean and Organize Your Fridge

By Sommer Poquette, Home Depot

This post contains some helpful hints for keeping food fresh and lasting longer, reducing waste, and keeping the refrigerator green, clean, and environmentally safe.

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