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Unforgettable Fire's Woodstoves for On- and Off-Grid Heating Solutions

Kimberly and Katydid wood stoves by Unforgettable Fire LLC

Although the Kimberly™ gasifier wood stove manufactured by Unforgettable Fire, LLC, was originally developed for use on a boat, it soon found a niche in other tight spaces, such as off-grid cabins, backyard shops, yurts, RV’s, and for emergency preparedness, due to its petite waistline and 56-pound portability. Producing up to 42,500 BTU's/hour, the Kimberly™stove can heat up to 1500 square feet of well insulated space, helping families to offset rising costs for natural gas and propane.

The Kimberly™ gasifier wood burning stove is a unique heating solution in that it is UL-listed to vent with 3-inch stainless steel double-wall pellet stove pipe. If you’ve ever priced Class A chimney pipe, required for any other certified wood stove, you’ll understand the full advantage of this feature to your family’s checkbook. The Kimberly™ stove also requires just 6-inches of clearance, far less than other wood stove choices. 

Furthermore, Kimberly’s gasification technology squeezes every possible BTU from your fuel, while producing less emissions. This frees more time for family by requiring less time for cutting wood. During EPA testing, Kimberly™ produced a mere 3.2 grams/hour particulate as compared to the 7.5 grams/hour allowed by the EPA for non-catalytic wood stoves, and the 4.5 grams/hour allowed by the State of Washington, the toughest in the nation. More heat from less trees, with less emissions? Truly, Mother Nature wins, as well!

Kimberly™ came to inventor, Roger Lehet, by Divine inspiration after he lost his wood stove shop of 25 years in the down-turned economy. "Along with our business, my wife and I lost our cars, home, retirement savings, and (nearly) our minds," Lehet states. "We took refuge on a 30-foot boat in the middle of the Puget Sound near Vashon Island, Washington, where I grew up." Winter storms brought raw, wet cold and 80 mph driven rain storms; Lehet was desperate to keep his wife and 9-year-old daughter warm and dry.

Lehet next engineered his Katydid™ wood stove. "Many people wrote to tell us how much they love our Kimberly™ wood stoves" Lehet said, "but they begged us to build a wood burning stove that would produce more heat, at less cost, for bigger homes." During preliminary in-house testing Katydid™ promises to deliver up to 85,000 BTU's/hour, while heating up to 3000 square feet of well-insulated space.

To date, the Lehets are the epitome of the American dream, having bootstrapped themselves from their first prototype to an international sensation in just a few years. Nevertheless, the proposed EPA emissions standards, now on the table, will force Roger Lehet back to the drawing board to push Katydid’s performance even further. Therefore, investors are needed for additional R&D and certification testing, which Unforgettable Fire, LLC currently lacks.

In addition, Lehet needs investment capital to bring his optional add-on accessories to market, which remain in prototype. Such accessories would enable people to live off-grid by choice, long-term, or by default, during unplanned power outages. "Outfitted with our optional add-on accessories, our Kimberly™ and Katydid™ wood stoves would provide heating solutions with the means to produce electricity, cook and bake, as well as produce hot water for in-floor heating," Lehet stated. "The Kimberly™ and Katydid™ wood burning stoves are truly an on-grid and off-grid living solution."

The Kimberly™ and Katydid™ wood stoves are manufactured in the United States from American made feedstock, and Windex® is the only chemical that is used. Kimberly™ wood stoves and Katydid™ wood stoves can be shipped to your door within the continental United States.

For readers of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, Unforgettable Fire, LLC is offering a $300 credit towards a custom venting kit for Kimberly™ stove orders placed directly with the home office through June 30, 2014.  Use promotion code MEN300 to take advantage of this special offer.  Visit Unforgettable Fire, LLC for more information about the Kimberly™ or Katydid™ wood burning stoves, or call 1-855-872-7868 to place your order today.

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