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The Secret to Meeting the Dual Desires of Today’s Homeowners

Few sustainable products offer a faster payback and a more comfortable living environment than an energy-saving, whole house insulation package.  A U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT study found that the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the building envelope was one of the top reasons to build a new home instead of buying an existing one. Whatever the situation, homeowners can lower their monthly cost of ownership with an upgraded sustainable insulation package.

Consider, for example, the EcoSeal System from Knauf Insulation.  This is an optimal insulation system because it delivers high performance air sealing, along with consistent thermal and acoustical performance. The air sealing is achieved by using Knauf Insulation’s EcoSeal. This water-based elastomeric sealant is applied at 1,700-2,200 psi, so it aggressively penetrates cracks, seams and joints. 

A home with the EcoSeal System can save the owner as much as $50.00 a month compared to a conventional installation. This is based on a 2,115 square foot house with average Indianapolis, Ind., utility rates, and the exact payback time depends on the price to the homeowner and local utility rates,“  says Joe Hudock, Residential Sector Leader, North America, Knauf Insulation.

The batt and blow-in insulation products are made primarily from post-consumer recycled glass, sand, and corn:  They contain no formaldehyde, phenol, acrylic, or artificial colors – all which can negatively impact indoor air quality. Installing Knauf insulation in a 2,115 square foot home saves approximately 1,520 bottles from a landfill.

The EcoSeal System has an enthusiastic and growing fan base.  One example is Garbett Homes in Salt Lake City.  “Obviously, we want to give our prospective customers what they want, and, thanks in great part to the EcoSeal System, we’ve been able to position ourselves as serious “green” builders who can meet industry standards – like the HERS efficiency rating system – and do it at a competitive price,”  says Rene Oehlerking, the company’s director of marketing. “If the EcoSeal system is part of an energy package that saves the  homeowner $200 a month or more on energy costs, that’s a car payment they’re saving right there.”

In New Mexico, builder Tom Wade of Artistic Homes likes the system because EcoSeal does an outstanding job of sealing leaks – a factor he knows is critical to a home’s energy efficiency. His crews save time compared to the conventional caulking and foaming they used to do prior to installing the insulation. He also likes that the insulation materials are green and sustainable:  Wade doesn’t use open or closed cell spray foam insulation because of its petroleum base and potential for off-gassing.

In addition to lower energy costs, consistent room-to-room comfort, and cleaner indoor air quality, consumers can expect the EcoSeal System to pay for itself in as little as three to four years. They also will reap the benefit of lower energy costs for as long as they live in the home and will have a highly marketable, green feature to offer when they sell it.

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