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The GO Home Receives 2011 Project of the Year Award From US Green Building Council

Go Home
The GO Home, built by architecture and construction firm G•O Logic LLC, received the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) 2011 LEED for Homes Project of the Year Award, presented at the 2011 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo in Toronto yesterday. According to Nate Kredich, VP of Residential Market Development for USGBC, the award recognizes dedicated leaders for their important contribution to the residential green building community.

The GO Home is rated LEED platinum (USGBC’s highest designation), and is Maine’s first Passive-House-Certified home, a 1500-square-foot elegant and functional model of the German Passive House Standard. The Passive House standard requires 86% improvement on a home’s space heating loads compared to the typically constructed home, which translates into significant financial and environmental savings. Annual heating costs for The GO Home will amount to approximately $300.

“Our aim is to revolutionize home construction standards in North America,” said Matthew O’Malia, Principal of G•O Logic LLC. “The USGBC Project of the Year Award affirms the level of energy performance we’re pursuing, and that is demonstrated by The GO Home: the next generation of housing that maximizes comfort, energy efficiency and cost while providing all of the amenities of a standard home.”

The GO Home combines a broad range of winning features that set the bar for affordable green building, including: a heat-recovery ventilation system rated at 95% efficiency that provides consistent fresh air to the interior; an open floor plan with large, German-built triple-glazed windows; and affordable construction costs of $160 per square foot. For more information, visit:

About G•O Logic Homes LLC

In Maine, where temperatures can be severe, people endure winters in drafty homes. Many pay a high percentage of their income on heating. To help solve this problem, G•O Logic formed a unique architecture and construction partnership with the goal of producing Passive-House standard and “net-zero” homes to serve the Northeast housing market. Principals Matthew O’Malia, an architect with 15 years experience in the U.S. and Germany, and Alan Gibson, a builder of green homes for nearly 20 years, together with their team are integrating architecture, design and building systems to create the future of super-efficient, well designed homes. G•O Logic LLC is a Northeast Sustainable Energy Association member, a U.S. Green Building Council member, and Energy Star Partner.

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