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Tackling the Clean-to-Clutter Cycle

By Simran Sethi

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I’ve got clutter on the brain.

Last week’s post, about home organizer Amy Thomas and my ongoing efforts to organize my home — with her help — was a summary of this long-term quest for a more stream-lined life. After returning last week from a month of travel, it’s time to unpack and work towards some kind of equilibrium again. 

I revisited my audio interview with Amy from this summer (before I began this de-cluttering process).  

Listen to my conversation with Amy: 


Amy’s philosophy is to focus on what you want from your home and your life, not what you don’t want. You start with a vision and you keep working to reach it. It’s a process, a work in progress. Your house and your life will never be perfect, but they can be closer to how you envision them.

organizedshoesHearing again Amy’s affirming approach to organization (and life) reminded me of the fact that this quest for organization isn’t happening in a vacuum; it’s happening among the hustle and bustle of every day living.

In our interview, Amy said to me, “Whenever I have time to de-clutter and get things in good working order the way, then I launch from there and start all over again and keep living.”

I keep reminding myself of the note that Amy and I ended our interview on. You regroup, and then you begin again.

Time to relaunch!


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Co-written by Simran Sethi and Rebecca Evanhoe, Audio interview edited by Jessica Sain-Baird, Photo by Simran Sethi.