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Mother-Daughter Team’s Southern California Home-Based Business Grows at Phenomenal Rate

There are many successful women in business these days. But how often has a mother and daughter launched a business from home and experienced phenomenal growth in less than 1 year? 

Just ask Sherrie Smith and Ciara Cates, a mother/daughter partnership that has seen their home-based company, Re-Pac Reusable Bags, quadruple sales since they launched the company in August, 2010. Equally impressive, their growing success has been achieved with almost no marketing budget, just word-of-mouth buzz. 

 Re-Pac Reusable Bags are earth friendly washable everything bags for everyday living! They replace plastic bags to protect the environment and offer a simple and unique way to hold and protect many everyday items. 

Re-Pac’s patented bags are made of water resistant fabrics so they’re long lasting and dry quickly (100% polyester outside, 100% nylon liner). Unlike cotton bags, which can mold, Re-Pac bags are mold-mildew-water-stain-leak resistant inside and out, which protects whatever you put inside. They come in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) and an array of colors and patterns. 

Ciara Cates, Co-Founder and daughter explains the birth of the company: “Making lunch for myself and my husband every day made us go through plastic bags fast! But the nurse in me was not willing to use cotton bags as they can grow mold and are an expensive short term solution. So my mom and I decided we’d start making our own! When developing our Re-Pac Bags we wanted to make sure they were long lasting, eco-friendly, and most importantly, safe for food! As cotton can harbor food particles and grow mold we chose to use durable and water resistant fabrics inside and out.” 

Sherrie Smith, aka “mom”, continues Ciara’s line of thought: “It was with this in mind that Re-Pac Bags were born! We wanted to create a practical and truly long lasting food safe bag that can not only help reduce waste but also save money! We are so confident in the quality of our bags that we offer a life-time warranty!” Sherrie continued: “The success we’ve had with Re-Bags has been amazing. It just seems to grow and grow and we are so excited to realize we have created a product that people really seem to want and need.” 

Re-Pac Bags can be purchased at

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