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How to Green Clean Your Shower Head


Do you have hard water? If so, you might notice a white build-up on your shower head. Most people assume that a shower head doesn’t need to be cleaned—after all, nothing touches it but running water.

However, not only does the build-up look bad, but the lime scale and mineral deposits from the water can clog your shower head and reduce the flow of water.

The solution is to regularly clean your shower head. It will look better, last longer and you’ll have better water pressure. You might be thinking that you don’t possibly have time to clean one more thing in your home, but the good news is that it’s cheap, easy and quick. You may already have the supplies in your kitchen cupboard—all you need is vinegar and baking soda.

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Steps for Green Cleaning Your Shower Head

1. Mix together 1 cup of vinegar and 1/3 cup of baking soda in a bucket or large bowl with hot water.

2. Using the mixture and an old toothbrush or scrub brush, scrub your shower head to remove any build-up.

3. Turn your shower head on to rinse away the vinegar and baking soda.

Deep Clean Method:

Soak your shower head overnight in a plastic baggie full of vinegar and baking soda, secured with a plastic tie. You can even scrub the shower head with baking soda and water first and then let the shower head soak in the vinegar afterwards. This is most effective for old build-up.

If your shower head hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and the build-up is severe, consider removing your shower head and letting it soak in a bucket of vinegar and baking soda overnight.

All options are effective and, best of all; they’re cheap and eco-friendly.

The Green and Clean Mom Sommer Poquette is a DIY expert on home greening and cleaning solutions. Sommer writes her easy-to-complete online tips for The Home Depot. To research Home Depot's new showerhead selection if you are ready for a replacement, you can visit the company's website

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1/12/2016 7:01:57 AM

Vinegar and baking soda have a chemical reaction when mixed that turns the chemicals into H2O and CO2 (water and carbon dioxide). This means that you're scrubbing your shower head with water, or maybe a water and baking soda paste if all the baking soda didn't dissolve. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can be mixed to make an effective cleaning/scrubbing agent, or you could just soak the shower head in the vinegar over night and skip the baking soda, but mixing vinegar and baking soda is a waste of time and money since you're just turning the ingredients into water and then trying to scrub with that.